Project Finland an educational – and fun! – interactive tour of Finland

Welcome to Project Finland

Thanks for visiting Project Finland, an educational – and fun! – interactive tour of Finland. It’s designed to help kids ages 9-12 experience Finland’s society, culture and environment – and begin exploring how they can make the world a better place.

Developed by the government of Finland, Project Finland offers three exciting virtual tours: Environment, Social Change and Global Connection. By showing how Finland has addressed these important issues, it provides a great starting point for your class to discuss these topics as well as learn about Finnish culture.

Discover how Project Finland can work in your classes by downloading our Site Guide. It includes a complete overview of the site as well as an answer key to our interactive quizzes. Or you can visit our quick user tips section for a head start. Then give us your comments on the site and you could even win a chance to visit Finland yourself!

Visit Finland

The new travel guide has been launched at the website. Discover amazing things to do, places to stay, budget tips and more, from the new tourist board:

Cost of Living

Are you planning to move to Finland? The FinlandPrices website is the most comprehensive source of information about cost of living in Finland available today. The data is based on government statistics and Finnish market research:

Contact Project Finland

First Lady Laura Bush has endorsed the Project Finland website as part of her initiative to promote reading and a better understanding of the world among American school children.

With education comes greater self-respect, and respect for others. With education comes greater understanding and acceptance. And a good education gives you the confidence and skills you need for a lifetime of learning and a lifetime of possibility. Through technology, you will be able to visit with other students anytime with just a click of a button. And as you work and learn together, I hope you will develop great friendships and a greater appreciation for the diversity that make our countries so special.”

— Laura Bush, First Lady of the United States

Tips on Using Project Finland

Getting Started in The Classroom

Want to get started using Project Finland right away? Here’s a quick mini-guide that includes all the basics. For more information, download our site guide now.

Navigating the Site

The first time your students visit Project Finland, they’ll need to create a quick user profile with a nickname, age, city, and state. (This information will only be used to personalize their site experience.)

You and your students can then choose from three interactive tours, including “The Environment”, “Social Change”, and “Global Connection”. Each tour has five different sections; an entire tour takes 15-20 minutes and you can also just do individual sections. Switch tours at any time by clicking the Project Finland logo or choosing the appropriate color bar at the bottom left.

Playing the Game

When students sign in, they get a virtual “backpack”. They’ll receive “badges” for these backpacks when they successfully complete quizzes at the end of each tour section. Moomin will also ask special bonus questions during each quiz; if they answer these questions correctly they can view video clips that tell more about the story of Moomin, the Project Finland Site Guide. To see their winnings, they can click their backpack at any time; videos can be accessed by clicking “Other Gear”.

Take Action

Each tour also includes a “Take Action” page with resources and links that encourage students to apply what they’ve learned through Project Finland in the real world. Visit these pages to discover fun and educational activities you can do with your class.

Now that you know how Project Finland works, visit our site and try it out for yourself!


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Ms. Sweigert and her students, Maret School, Washington, DC
Ms. Soldz and her students, Franklin Sherman Elementary School, McLean, Virginia
Ms. Murphy and her students at Glenwood School in New Jersey
Ms. Statland and her students at the Mirman School in Los Angeles, California

Photo by RetouchGem Studio